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  • Fried Onion Rings - Chilli Mayo 72.-
  • Pommes (almost) Allumettes - Grated Cheese - Aioli 55.-
  • Burrata - Tomatoes - Black Olives - Olive Oil 125.-
  • Watermelon - Tomatoes - Macadamia Nuts 88.-


  • Olives 35.-
  • Almonds 35.-
  • Bread and Alioli pr. portion 25.-


  • Vanilla Ice - Almonds - Chocolate 76.-
  • Petit Basque Cheese 90.-

Small bar with drinks and some of our mom’s food and snacks.

The concept is easy peasy

Small servings in cozy settings, have a drink/take a sip and have a good time, as intended you can – as in many other countries – order a sequences of small servings from a simple menu, at favourable prices. Our suggestion is to order 3-4 bites per person the servings will arrive in small “heats”. We aren’t much for big portions, we like to taste more dishes instead of one big one. 🙂  Our servings are tuned and we call them “bites” or as the Danes call it ”hapser” – and they are all made in the size of starters.


The Lokal is a BAR – and we also have a bit of food, so you dont get too drunk too fast. We wish to be a cheap bar and therefore we dont have extra waiters to take orders at the tables. Pleas have a look at the menu – then come to the bar and order. We will bring your order when ready – pay attention, that your food will come one after another when ready, and not at the same time.

Bar Lokal

Opening hours

  • Thursday-Saturday 16.00 – Late Night

    Kitchen opens at 17.00


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